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-- https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/c1y1n6/so_i_spoke_to_nintendo_customer_service_i_think/ “Dear Sunisea, Thank you for contacting the Nintendo UK Customer Support Team regarding your feedback on "Pokémon Sword and Shield's development". We are sorry to hear the recent news on Nintendo's Treehouse: Live E3 2019 demonstration were not to your liking. We truly appreciate your dedication to the Pokémon series and how much the games and its characters mean to you. It truly is for this that Nintendo, and by correlation The Pokémon Company, puts so much effort in making quality games with which people can not only have fun but truly live and evolve with. Unfortunately, our modest Technical Support department has no connection with the development and production of games, much less ones by a second party developer team. As much as we would love to assist you and take this feedback to Game Freak's development team, we are unable to do so. I will be honest, I am unsure why The Pokémon Company Support Team referred to our service in specific. Rather than contacting customer support teams, who can assist you with products that exist in the market, we kindly advise you to make any and all feedback regarding upcoming and currently updating games via social media. Now more than ever, developers, even if not directly, pay a lot of attention to the general consensus of the fan community on social media, particularly if the feedback is directly brought to the official pages of the relevant company (I.E. Pokémon News UK Twitter). I do not mean to seem like our services is simply throwing you around. It is a heartbreaking experience to dedicate so much to a game series, to a specific team of Pokémon, and having it suddenly be cut off. However, despite this being the current status of things, while we have nothing to announce or confirm as of this moment, post-launch updates exist. The Pokémon Company and Game Freak has always strived to do their utmost to allow trainers to pass Pokémon from one generation to the next. It may be the case that, as of now, the ability of passing every single Poké mon to the new upcoming titles is not quite yet possible. More likely than not, however, Game Freak will take notice of this feedback on the Internet and social media. And after being given time to work out the kinks of putting literal thousands of characters into a single game, the ability to have the National Pokédex may yet still become a reality. In fact, the full list of what Pokémon are available isn't known yet. It may be a simple case of a few odd exceptions not being available for story or exclusivity reasons (legendary Pokémon, event Pokémon, etc). As such, we kindly request you to patiently give Game Freak a chance to complete their development and support of the "Pokémon Sword and Shield" titles. Should you have any other questions or needs, please feel free to contact us again. Happy Gaming and Kind Regards.” --